A new survey asked people to rate their relationship on a letter scale (from A-F).  How do you think most relationships did?

According to this survey, they were pretty average.

The overall grade was a B-.

The survey was done by asking 1000 boyfriends and 1000 girlfriends to rate their significant other and themselves on a bunch of different aspects of their relationship like listening skills, patience and showing affection in public.  But they also included things like their sex life, kissing ability and more.

So how did it turn out?

Making effort with friends C (76)
Making effort with partner’s family/ parents B- (80)
Showing affection in public C+ (77)
Romance overall C+ (78)
Spontaneity C (75)
Listening skills C+ (78)
Patience C+ (78)
Friendship B (85)
Humor B- (81)
Fashion sense B- (80)
Cleanliness B (83)
Film/TV taste B- (80)
Kissing ability B (83)
Sex life B (84)

How do you think yours would have done?


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