I feel like in the last few weeks the scammers have upped their game. This is the last week that the robocalls are allowed to harass you so the scammers have turned to text messages. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is warning you to be diligent about the texts you receive and to never click the link they provide.

In a press release, the BBB is warning of text messages that offer you a deal. These are usually the "too good to be true" scams. They are appealing to those you don't want to miss out on a good deal. Other scam texts include getting a special gift if the link is clicked.

Chrissy Townsquare Media

I had gotten a text about another stimulus payment from the government. It looked pretty legitimate until I read it more closely. The text read from the "United State Government". They left the "s" off of United States. I know that we are all in a hurry and when we read our texts, sometimes we aren't really reading. Pay attention, they are banking on you being too busy to read it through.

Here is another text I received claiming I would be able to collect some of this guy's lottery winnings if I clicked the link:

Chrissy Townsquare Media

I knew full well that this was an all-out scam, but it's so detailed that just one slip up and you could click that link.

The other scams circulating are very specific and usually involve major companies. They look real too and promise some sort of gift by clicking a link. According to the BBB press release, these are the most popular ones right now.

  • “COVID-19 REFUND. VERIZON COMPANY is giving out $950 to all users of our Verizon service, If yes kindly text your Verizon”
  • “Due to the pandemic, Hulu is giving everyone a free 1-year subscription to help you stay at home. Get yours here [link].
  • "AT&T... Sorry for the coverage issues... Here's a little gift: [link]"

These scammers are trying to obtain your login ID, password, and personal information. If you do get a scam text from one of these "companies", you are asked to report it to the BBB and alert the actual company.

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