Most times when my wife and I head out for a "date" night it usually ends well, but this time I did something for the first time ever and I feel bad...sort of.

You see, my wife and I were out on Saturday and went to a nice place for dinner. That's when the issues started.

First off we waited nearly 15 minutes before my wife had to get up and grab some menus herself. After another 10 minutes, I finally called over a waitress. We are now 25 minutes into our restaurant adventure and the waitress just stop by.

Of course, since we already grabbed the menus ourselves, we were ready to order. We each ordered dinner and a drink. Figuring the drinks would come first as we enjoyed the live music.....Well, that didn't happen. About 20 minutes later our food arrives and that is when the waitress remembered that we had ordered drinks! So they came after our food!

The food turned out to be awesome as well as the live music. Now that we were done with dinner and our drinks, we thought about getting another alas we hadn't seen our waitress in nearly 20 minutes.

After another 5 minutes or so, another waitress came over and dropped off our bill, mind you she didn't take our plates or glasses nor asked us if we wanted anything else. So in the mind of the restaurant, our date was over.

I lad down my credit card on top of the bill at the end of the table thinking that someone would come pick it up and try to turn our table since it was a busy Saturday night.

Nope...we sat and waited for someone to take our bill for 42 minutes!!! Yes, 42 minutes we sat and enjoyed the live music with no food or drinks or a way to leave.

Finally, I got up and asked the first waitress I seen if I could pay my bill. She seemed confused on why I was asking her and I mentioned that I haven't seen anyone at my table for over 40 minutes and I would like to leave now!

Finally, our original waitress comes over to me taking next to the hostess stand and lets me paid my bill...This is when I did something I never done before....I did not tip her!

I know how hard it is to work in a restaurant and my wife used to be a waitress so I usually over tip...but this night, our waitress and all the other workers didn't seem to care about us as customers.

As well, I am sure our waitress complained about a lack of tip to her fellow co-workers, it was probably the worst I was ever treated while out to dinner. I write this, I do feel bad about not leaving a tip. I am the waitress could have been having a bad day or was overworked with the number of tables...but the general lack of caring from the entire staff is what lead me to leave the ZERO tip.

If and it is a BIG IF, we go back hopefully the service will improve and I can over-tip my waitress and we all leave happy at the end of the night!


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