If you're looking for a job, you may have a new life path very soon! There are over 1,500 jobs coming to Amherst as a financial consulting company, Strategic Financial Solutions is making its way here!

The company employs people in New York City, but when they move to 15 Lawrence Bell Drive in Amherst, all of the 1,500 jobs will be BRAND NEW JOBS and range from customer care to management with salaries in some positions over $100,000. The CEO,  Ryan Sasson said:

 We're not moving to Buffalo for the tax incentives," Sasson says. "We're moving to Buffalo because we love the energy there, we love the people there, we love the pride that people have in their city and the pride that they take in their work. We fell for Buffalo. We did do a pretty wide search. We cast a wide net across the country and narrowed it down to, you know, areas that some of our core executives could travel to fairly easy within a couple hours. Buffalo was always on our radar, and we have some Buffalo ties. Two of our investors are Buffalo natives. Jordan Levy and Ron Schreiber, according to WGRZ".

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