I already know right off the bat many of you will find this story disturbing, as I did. It has been brought to the attention of many, that a well known TV Chef and show host from the Food Network, has some not so nice things to say about Buffalo chicken wings. I know I know, sounds crazy, but its true!

According to WGRZ, Chef Alton Brown, while appearing on a show called "First We Feast" with Sean Evans, was about to try chicken wings with different hot sauces for a YouTube video when he said the following:

 "If you want great Buffalo chicken wings... you don't go to frickin' Buffalo."

To see the whole video, watch it here. Well.. you can only guess what happened next... Yup, Buffalo came back right away via Twitter with many comments, including one from the Buffalo Wing King himself, Drew Cerza. Cerza responded to Alton's shot at Buffalo with this response:

Shame on Alton, clearly he didn't go to any of the many well known establishments in WNY. Hopefully he will come visit soon, and have a better experience with our beloved Buffalo chicken wings!

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