If you’ve been hoping to get out and hunt with your 12-13 year old child, that may become a possibility soon.  Erie County is holding a hearing today.

Hunting is sacred to some people.  It’s the time in the woods with people that you love.  It’s a chance to fill a freezer full of meat to feed your family in many cases.  And it can be a bonding experience that a parent dreams about.

Soon, you might be able to start them early.

Erie County is holding a hearing this morning to determine whether or not to allow 12-13 year old's to hunt deer with adult supervision.  The proposal will require the child to have a license to hunt with a crossbow or a firearm and will allow them to hunt with a supervised adult that is also licensed .

The question is, how early is too early to put a gun in the hands of a child?  Some would say that you should never do it.  Others say it’s never too early to teach them about safety around a firearm.  In our house, we were taught very early to respect guns.  They aren’t toys and should never be played with.  Once you pull a trigger, you can never undo that decision. The sooner you learn the power that a gun holds, the more likely you are to respect it.

That’s just how we were raised, and I respect other people’s viewpoints on it.

If you would like to attend the public hearing, it will be held today (9/21) on the 14th floor conference room in the Rath Building (95 Franklin St., Buffalo)  at 11:30am.

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