I get so many calls on Saturday nights from listeners that are grieving. I try to lift them up and I do air the calls because country music conveys the pain of loss better than most genres. (When they're not singing about drinkin', smokin' and tokin'. Wait! There IS Joe Diffie's "Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox" that combines death and partying. How cool is that?

Ron hilariously playing I-gor from Young Frankenstein!
Ron in the early days.
Ron's lovely family.
Ron Corsaro

And it is a fact we all have been through this loss. In my world, we are all made of energy...and energy never really leaves. Ever. My special needs son still says, "Papa Joe is soooo funny!" and my beloved dad passed away 20 years ago. So, let's celebrate the life of Mr. Corsaro now, shall we?.

Western New York lost a really great guy and musician last week. I have 2 Ron Corsaro CDs! He was my friends' Viki and Lisa's dad and he made me laugh. To them, their brother Ron and all of the family Mr. Corsaro left behind to carry on his love of music and laughter, I say what I pass on to all my YRK callers who've lost loved ones: "THIS is the part of the circle of life that truly sucks. But the Good Lord promised, He PROMISED we'd all be together again soon enough...and I am holding Him to it!"

Ron Corsaro was an award-winning, grammy-nominated artistic director of the Lewiston Jazz Festival, held at the end of every summer, and the Ontario House Reunion Jazz Festival in Niagara Falls, which takes place each September. He composed music for "The Tonight Show" and played piano for the Tommy Dorsey Band. Corsaro's music has been performed by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. Ron graduated from SUNY FREDONIA where he was in the Fredonia Jazz Band. He taught at Niagara Wheatfield high school, and was beloved coach "Mad dog" at NW And LaSalle High Schools.

I'm guessing there is a HUGE party in Heaven this day.


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