"MORE BUMPY RIDE!" Joe takes up that glad shout every time he sees Captain Jim.

The Excalibur is one of our favorite destinations every summer and fall. I always wanted Joseph to experience everything any able-bodied kid would love. We needed to go fishin' & boatin', dammit!

Well, Cathy, Jim and all the fine folks who operate The Excalibur feel the same way. God BLESS 'em! It leaves from just behind Charlie's Boat Yard (the old Dug's Dive) on Fuhrmann Blvd. Two tours a day for two glorious hours around Buffalo's Outer Harbor, and don't worry, the Captain has a gentle touch even though Joe likes it bumpy. He's a madman. ;-)

I'm going to include their website here for you. https://excaliburls.com/

From kids to seniors in chairs or not, they'll provide access to Lake Erie, as well as offer developmental, therapeutic and recreational opportunities for lots of Human Service Agencies and their related programs.. These kind folks are a tiny non-profit and they're having their one big fund-raiser on June 29th. If you're into golfing in Lewiston, please consider signing up! The link is on their website. You can use it to donate or volunteer too. It's really FUN, as you'll see in these pictures with me and my boy. What a great way to view our beautiful Buffalo.



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