I have always loved gardening. Put on some great tunes and get your hands dirty. It's very spiritual to me, this "yardening" circle of life!

Buffalo's West Side has always been rich with gardens. When I bought my home just off of Richmond Ave, the original title said the land was deeded to Erie County to be the first poor farm. No kidding! Folks grew so they could eat.

Years ago when Buffalo's first Garden Walk happened, it was very funny watching folks come in from the 'burbs with their sun hats and culottes to enjoy our gardens. We jokingly called them the "suburbaratti" or "suburbanistas". They would look at my neighbors and me as if we were in a zoo!

In the many years that have passed, Buffalo's Garden Walk has become the biggest in America. People come from far and wide now and the 'burb folks have not only come to enjoy our West Side community; they're buying here and coming back to the city! We welcome these families with open arms.

Visit Buffalo Niagara shared this awesome video that really captures my community. This year's Garden Walk is July 29th & 30th. Come visit y'all!


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