We will never miss the UniverSoul Circus!

Joseph and I went to The UniverSoul Circus in Buffalo's Outer Habor Sunday. WOW. The laughs and pure joy just kept growing until we were positively giddy. Man, did I neeeeed this. Oh...Joe had a blast too. Look at this face! HA!

UniverSoul Joe

I'm still on a circus-high as I write this. SO much talent. I kept thinking, "Were these gymnasts turned down for the Olympics?!" And, "Those horseback riders could make a lot more bucks being stuntmen in the movies!". The clowns were not scary at ALL and made us belly laugh, especially with their crowd participation bits. With just their movement and a whistle, they didn't embarrass anybody, got us ALL dancing and giggling like school kids when the substitute teacher passed gas!

Oh OH! And the music. WOW. Costumes, WOW. I could go on gushing, but just GO and see for yourself. UniverSoul Circus will be here through this weekend. Tickets are really affordable and there truly isn't a bad seat in the intimate and colorful setting.

Get there early enough and the kids can get a camel ride!

UniverSoul camel rides

Also, enjoy the joyous community feeling that will give you hope in your heart, like it did Joe and me. They even perform a free show for the homeless in every town they play. How cool is THAT? I'm actually beaming still...


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