There was a massive fire that burned a junkyard just south of Holland, NY.

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According to reports, hundreds of firefighters from dozens of locations were called to battle this massive inferno. It looks as if the smoke could be seen from miles way. The footage is almost like what you would see in a movie it is that clear!

October is fire prevention month and awareness month. According to

The goal of Fire Prevention Month (and week October 4th – 10th ) is to raise fire safety awareness, and help ensure your home and family has a plan and is ready for the unexpected.

if you haven't had a chance to check your smoke alarms and detectors, this would be a great week or month to do so. We will be setting the clocks back an hour on Halloween night and that is typically the best time to check the batteries in household alrams.

This fire sure was massive and in a Tweet from WNY Fire Alerts, it was a large structure that was also burned last Tuesday.

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