Do not forget your reusable bags when you get out of the car to grocery shop here in New York State. If you do and are forced to used a paper bag, you may pay for it. More now than ever.

The push to go green has seen the elimination of the plastic bags that many people loved would re-purpose as a garbage bag or for animal waste. But the days of plastic are over and in many places, so is the era of the brown paper bag.

A friend of mine was on a recent trip to Clayton, New York and was shocked to see what the receipt had to say regarding the price of the brown grocery bag they used.

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In a text message to the group, my friend wrote about his frustration and shock over the outrageous and excessive price of the bag.

Can't make this up but the store up in Clayton charged $.50 for a brown bag to put an item we bought in. The item was on sale because it's end of the season so we bought the bag we needed a bag to carry before we go to lunch But $.50 for a bag America, New World 😱

This is just another reminder of what is to come here in New York State and across the country. While many agree that we can change the way we do things to be more environmentally friendly, perhaps we can also find cheaper alternatives?

New York State is moving toward being less reliant on fossil fuels and there are even reports that things like fireplaces and large vehicles may be a thing of the past soon. The large and present drawback appears to be the price the consumer has to pay.

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