The spring break trip are planned and the forecast calls for fun over the next few days! As families head for Disney and teens head for the beaches, there are plenty of good moments that will be shared!


Back in the day, it may take weeks to get your photos of your trip back in your hands. You would fill up your rolls of film, take them to be developed and show off the fun you had. If you spent a little extra you could get them back in an hour or so. Spend even more and you could get double or triples to give out to those who were on the trip with you!


I may come across as very old by mentioning that I prefer to have a tangible photo album to flip through. There is something special about seeing the pictures in a book, taking them out and reading the messages on the back. These could be the date, the setting and include the people in the photo! These days, your lucky if someone includes the link in there bio.


During spring break 2023, you will see your friends and other family having fun as soon as they hit send or share! However, for some influencers on social media, there may be a fine in the future for those photos that are not labeled properly. According to a new report, parts of Europe are working on laws that would impact social media.

Under the potential new law, a photo or video that’s filtered or retouched must be declared so, while “all promotion for cosmetic surgery … as part of a paid partnership will be prohibited” (gambling or cryptocurrency paid partnerships will also be banned).


There are millions in the United States on Instagram or other social media everyday. How does what happens in Europe affect the future of photos online here? It doesn't seem to have much of an impact. France has been on the issue of disclaimers on photos for years and, so far, there are not many similar laws here.

Back in 2017, the French government passed a law that images in print and online showing photoshopped bodies would need to be accompanied by a label that reads, “photographie retouchée” (retouched photograph).

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