It just doesn't make sense to me.  According to The Buffalo News, the skyway in Buffalo is about to get a $27 million overhaul.Why?

I understand, we need to keep people safe.  The question is, how long will the road be in use?

Some politicians are calling for the wrecking ball on the skyway in order to bring even more opportunity to Buffalo's outer harbor.  So if it ends up going away, would the $27 million overhaul be a waste?

Brian Higgins is one of those politicians, he told The Buffalo News, "It just seems like $27 million is a lot.  I would hope and I will ask DOT to spend what is needed to keep the traveling public safe.”

I have one leg on either side of the fence on the skyway situation.  I travel from the south towns every day but I moved away from using the skyway a few years ago.  I prefer to take route 5 to Ohio Street to get downtown.  I'll also take the 190.  So I haven't needed it.

However, it's like everything, you don't realize how much you need something until it's gone.  If you've ever driven out of the city at 5:30 on an evening when one of our major routes is closed, you know how awful traffic can get.  When we only have one option, it makes things miserable.  So part of me wants them to keep it just to have an alternate route in case one of them closes.

We all need to be safe on our roads.  But doesn't $27 million seem like a lot to spend on a route that might become a dead end soon?

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