If you have ever been to a Buffalo Bisons' baseball game chances are you have heard the familiar "Cold Beer Here" shout when you were sitting in the stands.

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That famous line is usually shouted from the well-known, well-recognized "Conehead" who has been working Bison's games for years.

Well, it seems that Conehead has also been working baseball fans about 90 minutes east in Rochester.

Buffalo and Rochester have had a rivalry ever since the Erie Canal connected the two New York cities. Back in the day, Rochester was known for being a White-Collar town with all their corporate jobs with Kodak, while Buffalo was the Blue-Collar working man town with all their manufacturing jobs at GM, Ford, and Bethlem Steel.

Now the two will have to have a battle over a baseball icon. Conehead might be the most recognized beer seller at baseball games in Western New York.

The Rochester Redwings announced that they were holding a special "Conehead" night to honor the beer seller. It seems to me that they are trying to steal Conehead from Buffalo and claim him as their own.

We all know that Conehead got started at Pilot Field. He then hawked beer at North Americare Park, then Dunn Tire Park, and finally after fans were allowed back into the ballpark, Sahlen Field.

Conehead has been serving beer in Buffalo for over 40 years and has made the trip down the 90 to Rochester for the past 30, so that means he is still Buffalo's and we only loaned him to Rochester.

Of course, Conehead was also a Major League Baseball beer seller as he was in the stands this past season when the Toronto Blue Jays called Buffalo their home for a couple of months.

He could never do that in Rochester.

So this is an open letter to the Redwings...Leave our Conehead alone! He is Buffalo and no way would we ever let him go.

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