Like everyone else, we decided to clean out our garage while at home during all of this.

All of our friends are having birthday parties for their toddlers that we have to go to (tentatively) in the future.


My wife wanted to throw out all of these thing that we have lying around. Honestly, we've been saving them waiting to see if they'll suddenly become valuable (and they haven't lol). She said we have to PURCHASE a gift we can't just give them something that we have laying around.

  • Why can't we just put some beanie babies we had in the garage in a bag and give them as a gift at the birthday party?
  • I have some serious football and baseball cards, some signed and definitely worth some money so, if I gave the kid some of the cards that were worth a bunch of money I'm sure people wouldn't mind.

Do we HAVE TO purchase a gift?

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