If there is one thing that social media can be used for, it is to show you that you have been doing something wrong for almost all your life.

If you spent any time in college, chances are you have plenty of meals that the star ingredient was Ramen noodles. They are easy to make and super cheap! One bag costs around 20 cents.

When I was in college (The Harvard Of The SUNY System - SUNY Brockport) I used to love to crack out a bag of Ramen and enjoy it as a snack. Now, because I was always short on time, or maybe just a bit lazy I would just eat the noodles raw.

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I know what you are thinking...that is gross! But hear me out. I would take some of the seasonings and sprinkle it on top of the noodles and just bite right in. You get so much more out of eating the Ramen raw. You get the taste, you get crunch, and you get to save some time cooking!

Photo Credit: Dave Fields/TSM2021
Photo Credit: Dave Fields/TSM2021

It was almost like eating potato chips. The noodles are crunchy and have some good texture. The seasoning adds some taste and flavor pop to each bite.

Plus sometimes you just don't want wet noodles, this way you still get a tasty snack and some crunch in your meal. Plus you can control the flavor but adding more seasoning or if it too much, you can just shake off the extra seasoning.

So next time you are looking for a cheap and tasty treat for an afternoon snack, try some Ramen noodles raw.

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