UPDATE: Watch the video below

I was going to share this story with you and then half way through I thought: "I am about to be embarrassed if this is not even a true story". After all, April Fool's Day you have to double check everything to make sure it's actually true before you go home and tell the entire family about it.

Take this story for example. You decide if this one is true or not. LOL

There was a turkey that broke into a home in Erie County...ALLEGEDLY on March 23.

"Broke into her house" is what it says.

The state DEC says the Erie County woman heard a loud crash on March 23 and discovered a turkey had smashed through an upstairs bedroom window. She was able to confine the turkey in a bathroom", according to the article on WIVB.

Apparently, they used a fishing net to get the turkey and release it outside and the turkey is fine. By the time the destruction was over, the turkey cause tons of damage in the home. You have to see the picture of all the 'destruction' that the turkey did, too.

But, we don't know what town this is in?

No one took a video?

How exactly did the turkey get inside?

There are so many questions that we have and now we need to know answers, too. Do you think it's real? If it is just an April Fool's Day....bravo.....because we basically fell for it.

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