If there is one thing that Valentine's Day reminded me of is that it's kinda hard for single people nowadays.

With so many people going on dates and flaunting their love for their number one guy or gal, and sometimes even for their number two guy or gal as well, it's a constant reminder that Valentine's Day should actually be renamed single people awareness day.

It's not all doom and gloom though. Especially since New York State recently ranked as one of the best places to be for single people in the entire country. If you are on the hunt for a new boo, this might just be the place for you.

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If this is true that New York is so good for dating, then why do new research released by The Thriving Center of Psychology say that there is one city in New York state that leads just about everyone else in the country in the number of single women?

Using data from the Census Bureau, they have determined that Buffalo has the most single women in the entire country. It looks like the Queen City seems to be for women.

With so many single women, that means that men have a much wider pool of women to choose from and gives them a slight ability to be pickier in whom they date, which does not sound like bad news to me. However, with more single women than men, that inversely means women will have it a bit tougher when trying to date with the increased competition with Buffalo ranking 9th for single men in that same research.

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If you do find yourself out here in the dating marketplace, may the odds be forever in your favor while searching for a mate. Just watch out for these red flags when dating in Buffalo, it may just save you a few headaches or two.

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