Buffalo is often a city that is in the national news. Sometimes it's due to something tragic that has happened, like an act of domestic terrorism or two once-in-a-lifetime winter snowstorms. However, most of the time that the 716 is in the news it's for something that we can all can agree is a good thing.

There are several different good reasons why Buffalo and Western New York is a great place to call home and we're proud when we get national recognition for it.

Food is one of those things that we do very well in the 716 and according to a report from USA Today, one of our most anticipated summer food festivals is ranked as the number one such festival in the entire country.

Ten Best City Food Festivals In America

USA Today gathered a group of experts from around the nation to compile a list of the cities with the best food festivals which then is presented to the world to vote on. After compiling the votes for its various 10 Best lists, Buffalo ranked as having the best food festival in America.

The Taste of Buffalo Is The Best In The United States

Now this is something that we Buffalonins have known for years. The two-day food festival that happens in the heart of downtown Buffalo is simply one of the most anticipated events that happen all year. People from all over the world travel to Western New York to sample our food and they leave here with full bellies and a huge smile on their face.

Taste of Buffalo shows off Buffalo's blossoming food truck and restaurant scene, as well as wines from New York State vineyards. Regional specialties, from beef on weck to sponge candy to Buffalo wings, abound.
-USA Today

In taking its victory, Buffalo beat out some serious competition from other cities like New York City, Philadelphia, Denver, and several others.

The 2023 Taste of Buffalo is scheduled for July 8th and 9th and will take place in Niagara Square in Downtown Buffalo.

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