It's the news that so many fans of the NFL were waiting to hear.  Tom Brady is retiring.  It's really happening this time.  And as a Bills fan, I couldn't be more disappointed.

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Wait...what?  You're disappointed because Tom Brady is retiring?

Isn't this the guy that owned your favorite franchise?  He was the guy who crushed every dream that Bills fans had for around 20 years.  He won Super Bowl after Super Bowl while the Bills struggled to make the playoffs...even once.

Now he's retiring and you wish he wasn't?

Isn't this the guy that talked badly about the city and complained about how bad the hotels were?  Isn't this the guy that Bills fans hated so much that they threw an adult toy on the field every time he played in Buffalo?

Yup.  It's the same guy.  And I wish he didn't retire yet?

Why?  Because now we will never be able to beat him.  His teams have spent years and years owning the Bills.  And yes, he stoked the fires by saying how ugly our city was.  But now, because he's out of the game, we will never have the chance to get our revenge.  He can ride off into the sunset knowing that he was better than the Buffalo Bills then...and now...and no one will be able to prove him wrong.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm glad that the Bills don't have to see him twice a year anymore.  And unless he played for another 20 years, we would never be able to deliver the blows to him that he delivered to us.  We had our chances to do it and never got it done.

With respect, I can say, no other quarterback has been able to do what he did to the Bills.  He was the best.  He was a good villain to hate.  So as much as I wish we could have beaten him when it counted, I wish him a long and happy retirement.  Enjoy it.  And don't come back.

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