Over the years thousands and thousands of amazing musical artists have made their way through Western New York.

With the recent news that Elton John's "Farewell Yellowbrick Tour" became the highest-grossing tour ever making over $800 million dollars, we wanted to know what was the best concert you have ever seen here in Western New York.

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Elton John trigger a memory for me as I went back to the mid the 1990s and had a chance to see Elton John and Billy Joel play a show together at the home of the Buffalo Bills, known then as Rich Stadium.

I was in high school and a girl from work asked if I wanted to do to the show. We sat up high but the show was amazing. Both Elton John and Billy were great by themselves when they were on stage, but the most magical moment was at the end of the show.

Both Elton John and Billy Joel came out together and played a round of "Dueling Pianos" and went back and forth between them singing songs.

Both men are amazing singers and phenomenal piano players so to see them play off and play against each other was truly a magical night.

Of course, that was only one show. From Metallica playing that same stadium in 2022 to the Goo Goo Dolls' hometown show in front of City Hall where the rain came down in buckets but only added to the mystique of the show.

We asked people from all over Western New York what was the best concert you have ever seen here in the 716.

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