Move over Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld, there might be a new power couple in Buffalo, New York.

Bills Quarterback Josh Allen has been linked to Hollywood Actress Hailee Steinfeld for several months now and were even spotted in California last week hanging out while Josh filled up Haliee's gas tank.

But is there a new "power" couple in Western New York.


Rumor has it that Jenna Ortega's favorite player is on the Buffalo Bills. this post just another "Jenna Ortega" meme? You decide.  


My guess is that it is part of the "Jenna Ortega" meme frenzy that is happening all over social media. It started several years back and people have been making posts claiming things are Jenna Ortega's favorite things.

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Not that Jenna couldn't be a fan of both players, but I think that both of these posts on "X", formerly known as Twitter, are just in jest. Of course, we know that Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld are the real deal.

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