New data has revealed New York State is ranked pretty high for home earnings in a career of video games.

Data from the CSGO Gambling site CSGOLuck analyzed the average annual salaries offered in each state, compared to the average consumer spending, to identify where Americans are best off.

With the Video Games market in the US expected to hit a projected market volume of $103.80bn by 2027 with the number of users predicted to be 91.0m, a career in game development seems to be a safe bet."

This may be shocking for you to realize, but those in this industry actually make a really nice living. New York would be a good place to call home and make this a career. When adjusted to consumer spending, a game developer's annual salary comes out at $117,845. That is 8% above the national average wage ($109,223) and the tenth highest in the US.

An even more significant increase from the US average can be found in Idaho, which takes the lead with the top salary of $135,559 - a whopping 24% higher. Following Idaho as the second-best state for a game development career is Mississippi at $131,158, which is 20% higher than the national average. New Mexico is third with $126,287 - still $15,000 higher (16% increase) than the average.

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