Several 911 outages were reported in parts of the United States early Thursday morning. 

Imagine you are having an emergency or needing immediate medical attention but have no way of calling 911. That has been the reality for 4 states in the early hours of Thursday, April 18. 

Where Is The Affected Outage?

Law enforcement authorities in South Dakota, Texas, Nebraska, and Nevada were experiencing 911 outages in multiple cities, including Las Vegas, but the details about what led to these outages aren’t publicly known at this time. 

The outages have since been restored in these locations, and those who called 911 in the affected areas have since received a call back and were provided with assistance. 

Why Was There An Outage?

The unknown reason behind the outage is what’s worrisome to residents in other states, including New York. I mean, was it an attack? Did a tower fail? How can you explain a 911 outage happening in four states, and what states could be next if it was a coordinated attack? 

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While the investigation is still underway at this time, it is important to be aware of what to do in the case of a 911 outage in New York. 

Although it was a scary situation on Thursday morning, we can at least learn from it in case there is a next time (hopefully there is not).

What Happens If There Is A 911 Outage?

According to reports by CNN and other news outlets, the affected police departments advised people to text 911 in case they needed immediate response. One department said, “Texting to 9-1-1 is operating in most locations.”

The South Dakota Department of Public Safety advised, “If these methods are not working in your location, citizens can still reach their local police and county sheriff offices emergency services using their non-emergency line.” 

The New York Non-Emergency Line

To contact the authorities on the non-emergency line, you can contact 311. If you live in Buffalo, NY,  the phone number is 716-851-4890.

If you are located outside of New York City, contact 212-NEW-YORK (212-639-9675). 

You may remember, there was an outage that affected New York in February 2024, along with three other states: Texas, Florida, and California. 

Now another four states have been experiencing system connectivity issues. 

Hopefully a 911 outage will not happen again, but you can only prepare for the worst and hope for the best. 

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