Crews were on hand for repairs Tuesday, after a large sinkhole opened up in the middle of a busy street in New York. Power and water had to be shut off at nearby homes, as repairs were quickly underway to cover and patch up the 20-foot-deep crater.

What Causes Sinkholes, And Are They Common in New York?

You may associate sinkholes with places down south like Florida, but they can happen anywhere. In fact, urban areas are notorious for "man-made" sinkholes, which are often caused by water main breaks, or when old, dilapidated pipes fall apart.

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Sinkholes were never too common across our state until recent years, as more intense rainstorms and aging infrastructure have washed away softer rocks and other materials that can cause the earth to suddenly cave in.

20-foot Sinkhole Opens Up in the Middle of New York City Street 

ABC says that a considerably large sinkhole opened in the middle of Sixth Avenue between 68th and Senator Streets in Bay Ridge on Tuesday.

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Officials told ABC they think a broken sewer line was responsible for the cave-in, which they say was around "25 feet wide and 20 feet deep".

No vehicle or residents went into the sinkhole, though that has happened before.

Back in July 2023, a huge sinkhole opened up from below, taking a van with it. The Department of Environmental Protection told CBS that the excessive rain the area experienced over the summer might have had something to do with the collapse in Morris Park.

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