Maybe Jack Eichel....isn't the guy.

Maybe Jack Eichel is just a great individual player, but just a really crappy teammate. I mean, it's not working in Vegas either.  In fact, since Jack Eichel arrived in Vegas, and finally began playing, the Golden Knights actually played themselves OUT of a wildcard playoff spot. No doubt the guy has skill, but if it is not working with the rest of the team, maybe he isn't the missing piece.

Yesterday, people were on Twitter sharing stories about how Jack Eichel was NOT like much by his teammates in Buffalo. Twitter user Kevin in Buffalo wrote 'he was NOT liked by his teammates in Buffalo and I don’t blame them.'

I mean, we all want to know the story, but I am sure he is trying to protect his source so, don't get too annoyed like all of the other sensitive people in Buffalo. Even though there were so many other people responding to Kevin about his tweet, other people did offer their opinion about Eichel.

If you ever type in just 'Jack Eichel' into google I find it ironic that the first question and most common question that is answered is 'is Jack Eichel done playing hockey'. The reason that is popping up is because of a previous injury, but you could joke that the question is being asked because he has been playing so badly. Jack Eichel was traded from the Buffalo Sabres to the Vegas Golden Knights in November of last year.

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