This is my favorite time of year! The leaves are changing, it’s sweater weather, and Halloween is almost here!

Halloween has to be my favorite holiday. I just love being scared! Yes, I will cover my eyes and expect you to walk me through the scary parts, but I LOVE it! Get into the haunting spirit with some of these activities!

First of all, if you are anything like me and love hearing all of the details about serial killers, then you are going to love this musical! Yes, that’s right, I said a musical that’s about a serial killer. Not just any old serial killer either. It’s The Ripper, playing at the Historic Palace Theater in Lockport, and yes, it’s all about Jack the Ripper!

The show takes a look at one of history’s most baffling unsolved crimes – the mystery of Jack the Ripper. I have read book after book on this guy, and I have to say, I’m always asking questions about what happened! It’s definitely on-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of stuff. Audiences will be transported to 19th century England to witness for themselves the events of that fateful period...and just maybe you’ll be the one to crack the case of Jack the Ripper! They have an all-star cast as well for this production. The show kicks off Friday October 11 and runs for two weekends.

Another great Halloween event that you must check out this year is a Haunted Hayride.  They are way cooler than those regular haunted houses! Come on -- who doesn’t get a little scared walking out in the dark alone and hearing the things that go bump in the night. Jump on the scariest hayride in Western New York this weekend! It’s the Nightmare Hayrides on Sommerville Street in Ellicottville. The hayrides run Friday through Sunday and are located right at the home of the Ellicottville Championship Rodeo.