We're officially into 2024. The holidays are just about over and for many people, it's back to work and reality come Tuesday or Wednesday. It's never an easy time of year.

However, it has been an easy fall and winter in terms of the weather.

There's been hardly any significant snow to speak of across New York State. We all saw a green Christmas, which was quite the difference between last year's blizzard conditions and heavy snow.

If you have lived in Western, Central and Upstate New York long enough, you know that it's not a matter of if but when we see a snowstorm.

That time apparently is early January.

There are two separate systems that are slated to strike New York between January 7th and January 10th. The first one looks like it will drop significant snow into parts of the state. The second one is more iffy but if it ends up coming true, could wind up dropping two feet of snow in parts of the state.

Direct Weather details what could happen between this weekend and next week, as we see a snowy system work its way into New York by Sunday, January 7th. That event could drop anywhere from a few inches to over a foot of snow, depending on where you live.

The second system could be rain or snow but if it drops snow, that means we could have over two feet of snow in parts of Western and Central New York.

This is all part of a drastic change in weather patterns. The temperatures will be in the 30's and more seasonable. This is true winter weather for January.

Grab the shovels, snow brushes and gloves. Winter is back.

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