It has been quite a week for Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany on social media. When Aldean got off of his tour bus at Darien Lake, you could tell that he was shaking something off. When asked how he was, Aldean responded: 'it's been a day'.

We all assumed that he was shaking off all of the criticism on social media that unfolded that morning.

Brittany Aldean took to Instagram and posted a picture of herself and a caption that thanked her family for not changing her gender when she was in her "tom boy stage".

The post was met with big criticism from country stars Maren Morris and Cassaddee Pope. More social media posts were exchanged between the duo and Aldean.

It's not clear if it was 100% a direct result, but Aldean's longtime PR company and Jason split ways on Thursday afternoon.

Nonetheless, Aldean put on a Hall-of-Fame worthy show. There is no doubt of Aldean's contributions to country will one day put him inside of country music's highest honor. He played songs from all of his albums from the first one, 'Jason Aldean' to his latest albums 'MACON' and 'GEORGIA'. The sold out crowd seemed to eat up every word of the concert. In fact, you would call it some sort of 'grand finale' of the Darien Lake concert season. Fans were screaming back every word of the country superstars songs.

It's a world of social media that we live in. You can dive into one's personal life and analyze, critique and judge someone. No matter what happens and has happened in his personal life, Jason Aldean comes full-throttle every time that he is in Buffalo, New York. He knows the fans in Western New York love to throw a party and you can bet he will be back in the future.

Take a look at these pictures from Jason Aldean's concert at Darien Center, New York. 

Jason Aldean will be back in New York State with a show in Syracuse next week.

David "Gus" Griesinger from BackstageAxxess was there with the camera in hand. Take a look at Aldean with opening acts Gabby Barret + her husband, and newcomer John Morgan, who wrote the songs 'Trouble With A Heartbreak' and 'If I Didn't Love You'. 


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