We had a lot of fun on Saturday night at the Jake Owen concert. Jake was back in town doing a show at the Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls. We got to spend some time with Jake Owen before the show and while he was there, and asked him to play a game of Buffalo 'Either Or' and he got a little (planned) surprise from Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame legend, Jim Kelly.

Basically, it is the same thing as 'Would You Rather', in which you give someone 2 options and they have to pick between them.

So, we were backstage and I was kind of prepping Jake on what we were going to ask and the last question was about Jim Kelly, only to find out, that he was coming to where we were soon. We changed the plan to incorporate Jim and the video came out pretty funny.

The questions were simple. Or at least supposed to be (Jake's manager is from Rochester, keep reading below the video) we had to re-take the video. The three questions were:

1.) While you are eating your wings do you dip them in ranch or blue cheese.

2.) Would you rather have flats or drums?

3.) When the Buffalo Bills win the Super Bowl, would you rather have a victory beer with Josh Allen (who Jake had just met at the Pebble Beach Pro Am) or his good friend, Jim Kelly?

For the record, this is actually the second time that we had to film the video. The first time was to rehearse and Jim wasn't there the first time and Jake Owen answered 'RANCH' instead of blue cheese for the first question.

Jake's manager is from Western New York, more specifically Rochester, so everyone in the room knew that Jake said the WRONG answer for Buffalonians LOL

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