Certain players just give us more and more reason to love them.  Then there are players like Jon Feliciano.

Even certain players who ended up leaving the Bills are still loved in Buffalo.  At this point, I'm not sure that will be the case for Jon Feliciano.

Feliciano came to us from the Raiders and immediately showed that he had an attitude.  He had a grittiness about him that Bills fans really loved.  I liked him.  He was nasty up front.  It was an aggressiveness that we hadn't see on the Bills line for awhile.  He's never been afraid to step into the middle of a scuffle and lately he's saying stuff that shows he's really not afraid of a little hate.

A few weeks before his release the offensive lineman went public with his dislike of Buffalo pizza.  It was something that Bills fans weren't too cool with, but were able to let slide because he was still a player on the team and we support them.

But his latest comments on a show called "The Ariel Helwani Show" left a bad taste in the mouths of many Bills fans.

Now, the clip I'm about to show you is just that - a clip.  In order to get his full comments, you can check out the entire interview here.  He did have a lot of love for his former teammates.

That love stopped though when he was asked about his feelings on the game in Kansas City, Feliciano responded that the team wasn't challenging the Kansas City defense and that they "Got what they deserved."  He said they were "just going through the motions."

Fans were furious at that clip.  How could he turn on his teammates like that?  Is it just sour grapes? Just going through the motions?  No emotion?


The reason he wasn't on the field for those last couple of drives is that Feliciano had lost his starting job to Ryan Bates a couple of weeks beforehand due to injury.  When Bates came in, he played really well and the staff decided to keep the same players on the field.

We don't know what happened in that locker room in the last couple of weeks with The Bills.  But it sounds like things had soured for Feliciano long before the playoffs.  When asked why he was no longer with the Bills he immediately responded, "I was fired.  I could've been better in some places.  They could've been better in some places."

The good news is that he has a new team and if it wasn't working out here, he won't have to worry about the Bills anymore...and the Bills don't have to worry about him.

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