It’s pretty safe to say that Buffalo takes its food scene, seriously. Western New York is pretty prideful in nearly everything (sports, people, weather), but the food here is one thing that is always the first thing brought up when complimenting the city.

I’ve lived here my whole life and the food here is always something I brag about to others. The wings of course, but beef on weck, sponge candy, fish fries, and the outstanding local beer scene are also highlights.

But one thing that we love is the pizza. Buffalo-style pizza to be more specific.

Buffalo-style pizza is a slightly thicker crust; extra cheese; cup-and-char pepperoni; a sweeter sauce; and toppings that extend to the crust. There are other slight variations, depending on which WNY pizzeria you visit.

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There is one Bills player, however, who is not the biggest fan of Buffalo pizza. In fact, he doesn’t like it all all.

Bills offensive lineman Jon Feliciano tweeted out on Thursday night that he does not like Buffalo pizza, and well, it sent shockwaves through Bills Mafia.

The tweet was in response to long snapper Reid Ferguson’s tweet about Pizza Hut returning to Western New York.

Feliciano did say that Buffalo turned him on to blue cheese, but the pizza is not for him.

I have a couple of friends who much prefer NY-style to Buffalo-style pizza, so it’s not the first time I’ve heard this opinion, but it’s still a heartbreaking feeling since many of us adore Buffalo pizza.

Feliciano is still beloved in Buffalo. I think it’s great when professional athletes are honest, and he isn’t afraid to share his feelings.

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