Chris Simms played for 8 years in the NFL.  He started in Tampa, then off to Denver, and Tennessee.  Now he's an analyst for Pro Football Talk. 

He knows the NFL and he knows the quarterback position.

He didn't say he was the best quarterback.  He said he was the best player in the NFL.  It's huge praise from a guy who played quarterback himself.

When speaking at the NFL Combine, he had very high praise for the Bills' signal-caller.  He started talking about how a great quarterback can cover holes that exist when there's a mismatch.  Then he went right into how great he thought Josh Allen has been in the NFL.

He called him the best player in the NFL.  Not the best quarterback.  That is very high praise.

There are a lot of people who will say that Allen is nothing until he can win a championship.  Buffalo is tired of getting close.  Always the bridesmaid and never the bride.  But it's talk like this that makes us feel like we are closer than ever.  It certainly wasn't on Josh's shoulders that we lost in the playoffs against the Chiefs this year.  When you put your team in the lead with just :13 seconds on the clock, most teams would expect a win there.  Everyone knows that we shouldn't have lost.  But we did.

The respect for Allen is there in the league.  The praise is there.  The time for the Bills is now.  They are no longer the underdogs. If they're ever going to win one, they're going to have to cash in soon.

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