Yesterday was Josh Allen's 28th birthday.  He's already got just about everything you could hope for.  But if you still wanted to get him something, he did mention this.

What do you get for the guy who has everything?

Buying birthday presents isn't easy.  Buying presents for someone who has everything already is even tougher.  So what can you get for Josh Allen?

I know it feels weird to consider getting a gift for someone that you really don't know.  As much as we all think we know him because we're constantly reading everything we can about him, most people in Western New York don't actually know him.  But that doesn't stop us from contributing to him.

Josh Allen asked for this one thing for his birthday

As you would expect, Josh Allen has just about everything anyone could ever ask for.  He's got multiple houses and all kinds of really cool toys.  But what he asked for was really a gift for other people too.

He asked for donations for the Patricia Allen fund

The Patricia Allen fund was set up in memory of Josh Allen's grandma who passed away shortly after coming to Buffalo.  Many were moved by the fact that after she passed, he still went out on the field and played his heart out.  They began to donate money in $17 increments and raised enough to add an extra wing to the John R. Oishei Children's Hospital in her name.

This year he will be participating in a golf tournament to once again raise money for the Patricia Allen fund.  It's called 117 Holes and it's taking place on May 28th.  He's asking fans (if they're moved to do so) to make donations to continue to grow that fund and make improvements in the Western New York community.

Click here to make your donation today.

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