Josh Allen’s girlfriend was looking very fashionable at the game on Saturday, and while everyone can agree she is a beautiful woman, many people were focused on her shoes. 

The outfit is a whole vibe, okay? And I love it, but the shoes are what caught everyone’s attention. 

Are those…presents? On her feet?”

It kind of looks like it, right? I had to do a double take myself, but it’s not a present at all.

In fact, it’s called the “Moon Boot.”

The laces on the moon boot make it look like ribbon tied into a bow, but it’s really just a boot! And apparently everyone wants one now.

It looks like the red moon boot can be found online for just $185. 

The moon boot became popular after the Apollo 11 landing in July of 1969, and it became trendy all over again in the early 2000’s. Now, it looks like it’s growing in popularity, following Brittany Williams’ trendy game day outfit. 

The shoe is worn around the world for both city and snow, but those who live in snowier cities, like Buffalo, tend to have more of a liking for this shoe. 

Over the years, other famous celebrities have sported the “moon boot,” including Snooki, Paris Hilton, Kim Khardashian, and others. 

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It might be a good idea for a gift this winter season! 

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