Perhaps the biggest power couple to ever be in Buffalo has men and women across Western New York coming at each other’s throats, as they try to sift through the rumors and determine where the truth lies. 

For years, Josh Allen and his longtime girlfriend Brittany Williams have been #relationshipgoals. They met while they were still kids, way before Allen was drafted as quarterback for the Buffalo Bills in 2018. 

They even have a dog together and have been living together in Orchard Park. 

So when rumors started circulating that the couple may have broken up, people were shocked – especially because we all thought that the next big news we would see from the couple would be an engagement announcement. 

Instead, there are breakup rumors circulating on social media, and many people are wondering what really happened. 

What Started The Rumors?

Some Instagram followers noticed that Brittany Williams was no longer following Josh Allen on Instagram as of Monday. She also deleted several pictures of the two of them together from her feed. 

Obviously, this move caused a lot of people to question what was going on, and some people even stooped as low as starting some rumors online. 

As of now, Allen still follows Williams’ Instagram account, and nothing has been said publicly on the matter as to whether or not they are still together. 

However, when one celebrity unfollows their other half on social media, it’s usually not a good sign.

Did Josh Allen and Brittany Williams Break Up?

To be honest…is it really our business? No. It’s not. But people in Buffalo care about each other, and many people think of Josh Allen and Brittany Williams as a friend, even if they have never met, because they have always been so supportive of our hometown. So inquiring minds want to know, right?

I think we should let them figure it out for themselves…for all we know, they could be happy and enjoying time together before the season starts! 

And if somebody tries to talk to you about the potential split, maybe hit them with one of these totally bogus (but kind of funny) reasons as to why it maybe didn’t work out. 

The following reasons are designed for satirical purposes. Here are…

10 Silly Reasons Why Josh Allen And Brittany Williams Potentially Broke Up

  1. She didn’t want to go on the Maid of the Mist. (She couldn’t get her hair wet.)

  2. He plays too many video games. 

  3. He wouldn't tell Brittany his secret handshake with Stefon Diggs. 

  4. Josh didn’t thank her in a press conference after a game. 

  5. Josh Allen's upper lip is unshaved, which makes the kisses too itchy. 

  6. He can’t shovel his own driveway. 

  7. He’s a Gemini…

    1. Voted the worst sign to date, Geminis are the worst. Click here for more on the zodiac sign. 

  8. He golfs too much. 

  9. Brittany refused to pay cash at Bar-Bill. 

  10. Brittany once said that Tom Brady is, in fact, the GOAT. *gasp*

As for finding out what’s really going on, I am sure we will know more with time. But right now, this is something that the two of them should handle personally and our community should allow them to do that. 

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