No matter how much faith Buffalo Bills fans have in quarterback Josh Allen, they have to admit that so far this season, he doesn’t look like the same superstar we’ve come to know.

Several Bills fans have taken to social media to theorize why Allen has been performing so poorly this season, and many think it may have something to do with his personal life. 

Bills Fans Think Josh Allen’s Personal Life Could Be To Blame

It may not be on the same level as Travis and Taylor, but Josh Allen’s new relationship with actress and pop star Hailee Steinfeld has made headlines this season. 

However, that’s not the relationship fans are pointing the finger at…

Has Josh Allen Been The Same Since His Big Breakup?

Before there was Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany Williams was the #1 woman in Josh Allen’s life.

Josh Allen & Brittany Williams
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Josh Allen and Brittany Williams were once a Buffalo power couple. The longtime duo dated  publicly since 2017, often sharing photos of one another and their lives together on social media.

After rumors regarding the state of their relationship began to circulate last April, Williams unfollowed her partner on Instagram and deleted the pictures that referenced him from her feed. 

Since Allen was on a clear path to MVP in the years they were together and now seems to be struggling, take a wild guess what some social media detectives are blaming for his recent slump.

Yup, forget the questionable coaching and injuries - these fans are convinced that Josh Allen and Brittany Williams’ breakup is the reason behind his performance.

They even went as far as to suggest the couple (who have been broken up for over six months) get back together.

Yeah, this is ridiculous. Leave Brittany Williams alone, and let her move on. And let Josh Allen figure this out without dragging his personal life into it.

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