One woman had quite the mix-up when she ran into Josh Allen this week, but it doesn’t sound like Josh was too upset about it. 

It all started as a prank; however, the prankster ended up being the one who was fooled.

A woman was stuck at the airport gate for a while before she got bored and decided to talk to her neighboring gate mates. 

She happened to notice that one of the people at her gate looked a lot like Chris Pratt, so she asked the stranger if he would take a selfie with her because she “want[ed] to prank my daughter and tell her I met Chris Pratt,” according to the woman‘s daughter. 

The guy laughed and said sure, but little did the woman know is that this stranger happened to be another famous celebrity. 

It was Josh Allen!

Someone near the two of them must have heard them talking at the gate, because according to the daughter’s recount of the story shared via Sweet Buffalo, he jumped in the conversation between Josh and the woman and said, “You’re not Chris Pratt. You’re Josh Allen.” 

It gets better, though. The mom later told her daughter that she responded to that statement with, “Maybe a little, but he’s got a square head, and you don’t.” 

Considering that Josh laughed after, it doesn’t sound like he was too hurt by his square-headedness (or lack thereof).

Actually, this comparison has been made a few times now, and while you may think Josh Allen and Chris Pratt look nothing alike, they may have more similarities. 

It started with a Twitter post in October 2021 when someone shared a side profile of Josh Allen, convinced that it makes him look like Chris Pratt. 

The Buffalo Bills shared a quote from Josh Allen during last season, and he even agreed that he looks like Chris Pratt.

“People have told me that I look like the Andy Dwyer version of Chris Pratt from Parks and Recreation,” Allen said via the Buffalo Bills Facebook page. 

Josh Allen usually wears a hat, so it’s hard to tell how similar the face structure is. Maybe that’s why the similarities stand out on the side profile. 

The facial hair definitely helps us piece together why one might be mistaken for the other, though I think only one of these two have those famous quarterback shoulders. 

Sorry Star Lord, I think Josh can take you in an arm wrestling match. 

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