There’s a reason why everyone loves Josh Allen, even if the Buffalo Bills aren’t your hometown team.

On Saturday, after the Buffalo Bills defeated the Los Angeles Chargers, there was a video shared online of Josh Allen giving away his hat to one boy as he walked off the field.

As you can imagine, the kid was ecstatic; however, the clip also showed another boy not too far away that appeared deflated after the exchange, seemingly missing his chance with Josh.

To make matters worse, the devastated kid in the distance was holding up a sign that said “My Christmas Wish...Josh Allen to sign my jersey.”

Eventually, Josh Allen saw the video too, and he knew that he had to do something.

After all, there was a time when Josh Allen was a fan just like that, and it wasn’t too long ago when he was going to games to see his favorite players.

With the help of Bills Director Of Communications Kevin Kearns, Josh was able to find the kid’s number and he gave him a special call on Christmas Day.

You can hear how starstruck he is when he turns to his mom after the call and says, “That was Josh Allen!”

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills will be back on the field on New Year’s Eve when they host the New England Patriots at 1PM. 

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