Josh Allen revealed he has a drinking game that he has been playing for years.  Wouldn't you's called "Buffalo."

Josh Allen was on a podcast called "The Room" recently where he talked about a game that he has been playing since long before he came here.  He explained the rules on a podcast called "The Room."

When did he start playing it?

He says that he's been playing this game since his first year at Wyoming.  One of the hosts questioned that after doing the math and realizing that he wouldn't be old enough to be drinking at that time.  That's when he clarified that they play with non-alcoholic drinks like orange juice and that he was was his third year at Wyoming (wink, wink).

So how do you play?

The rules are pretty simple.  Essentially you watch what hand people are drinking with and if you see them holding their drink in their right hand you "call Buffalo" on them.  If someone calls Buffalo on you, you have to finish whatever drink is in your hand.  There is a stipulation though...if you're double fisting (holding drinks in both hands) it doesn't count.  You can't have Buffalo called on you if you've got both of your hands full.

Why is it called Buffalo?

The story is that one of Josh Allen's buddy's buddy hot his right hand bitten off by a Buffalo, so the game is played to honor that friend who can no longer hold beers with his right hand.

Will people play this in Buffalo?

He sure hopes they do.  He goes on to say it's a game that can last a lifetime.  You can call people out on it at any time.


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