Goals are great things to have.  When you're someone like Josh Allen, they're what drive you.  And recently he revealed what his top goal is.

Some people have goals to start a family, to own their own house, or to make enough money that they will have something to pass on to their family.

Recently on a podcast called "Like A Farmer," Josh Allen revealed what his number one goal in life is and Buffalo Bills fans are going to love it.

What is the "Like A Farmer" podcast all about?

"Like A Farmer" is described as a podcast for rural America.  It's hosted by Pat Spinosa and his goal is to celebrate the American farmer and educate the American people.  He plans to interview athletes, musicians, and even overnight sensations.  He includes that he will talk with anyone who would like to join him on a journey to celebrate the American farmer.

One of the first episodes was an interview with none other than the quarterback of the Buffalo Bills, Josh Allen.

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Why would Josh Allen be on a farming podcast?

For those who don't know, Josh Allen grew up on a cotton farm driving tractors, moving irrigation pipes and weeding the cotton.  His family still maintains that farm to this day.  So he knows a little something about farming.

On the episode he talks about everything from what it's like living in Buffalo, growing up on a family farm, his favorite music, his favorite wings, and lessons that he learned that have helped him in the NFL.  If you want to learn more about Josh Allen and what makes him tick, this is a great podcast.  It's not short. The entire thing is almost an hour long.  The thing that will excite Bills fans though, happens in the first couple minutes when he states what his #1 goal in life is.

Josh Allen's #1 Goal In Life

The thing that will make Bills fans happy is to hear that there's someone who wants to make their biggest dream come true.

He talks about how important it is to bring a Super Bowl win to Buffalo.

Want to watch the whole episode?


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