Josh Allen ran for a beautiful touchdown on Sunday against the Washington Commanders.  But people have now taken a picture of that touchdown to a new level.

Sunday's game was a lot of fun to watch for Bills fans.  From a totally dominant defensive game to multiple players scoring touchdowns.  It was awesome.  But not as awesome as the creative fans that have reimagined Josh Allen's rushing touchdown.

First - the play

It was a 2nd and goal from just outside the 10.  The Bills were already up 16-0.  Allen dropped into the pocket.  As it began to break down, he sidestepped a tackle and went the rest of the way untouched.  When he crossed the goal, he did what they call a "finger roll" in basketball.  It's a motion that simulates a player doing a layup.

It was a picture-perfect moment

Just about anytime Josh Allen has the ball in his hands, photographers keep their fingers close to the shutter release.  You just never know what he's going to give you.  These pictures were about as perfect as they get.  It's almost reminiscent of Michael Jordan leaping from the free throw line for a dunk back in the early 90s.

Here's the picture that many photographers got:

Buffalo Bills v Washington Commanders
Getty Images

And this is what it looked like from the other end zone:

Buffalo Bills v Washington Commanders
Getty Images

Then it hit the internet

As soon as it hit the internet, people started to have some fun with it.

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