Hailee Steinfeld finally acknowledged Josh Allen to a reporter.

Well, what seems for the first time ever, she didn't just ignore the reporters or change the subject when they as Steinfeld about Josh Allen.

Hailee Steinfeld was asked tons of times about her rumored boyfriend, Buffalo Bills superstar Josh Allen while attending the Golden Globes on Sunday night. Allen was not with her because Allen was in Miami beating the Dolphins to clinch the AFC East for the fourth time in a row.

One reporter tried baiting Steinfeld into talking about the Bills superstar when she was on the red carpet. The reporter held up a #14 Stefon Diggs jersey and asked 'how are you feeling about tonight' (at the same time the Buffalo Bills were playing.

She responded with a thumbs up and "real good".

The reporter says "Go Bills".

After taking a few steps away she turned back to the reporter to tell him "wrong jersey, though". He says that he leaves his Josh jersey at home because he's superstitious.

Hailee then tells him "okay", but with a look of approval and a smirk as she walked away. You can see the video below.

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