The Buffalo Bills ended mandatory minicamp one day early this week.

It was supposed to go through today (Thursday, June 16th), but head coach Sean McDermott, his staff and the front office decided to just have it go two days.

That's a good sign and an indication they are very happy where the team is at in the off-season. The next time the Bills will take the field will be at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, which is the start of training camp. That will be towards the end of July.

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Tight end Dawson Knox is looking to capitalize on a breakout 2021 season, and spoke to the Buffalo media after practice on Wednesday.

The biggest takeaway from Knox was a special joke that he says star quarterback Josh Allen cannot stop telling teammates, particularly rookies in the locker room and on the field.

Knox says that "every day is a new 'deez nuts' joke."

Allen loves walking up to rookies and playing the prank on them. Watch the video of Knox's story below.

For those who don't know, this joke his a hot, new craze that young people love saying to unsuspecting friends and family members. It's pretty stupid, but that's why many people love it -- it's funny stupid, if that makes sense. I laugh every time it's said.

This is another example of how much of a leader Josh is. Yes, with a joke like this, but it shows how comfortable he is with teammates and embracing new players and rookies.

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