The Buffalo Bills will begin training camp three weeks from today. July 26th is the first practice, with rookies reporting on July 18th.

It's hard to believe that we're already into July and the 2023 off-season is almost over. Mandatory minicamp was three weeks ago already.

Minicamp is where the big storyline of the NFL off-season took place: Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs leaving day one of Bills minicamp.

Before the first practice began for minicamp, Diggs left One Bills Drive. Head coach Sean McDermott announced Diggs was not present at camp and then added he was "very concerned."

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Shortly after, Diggs was reported to have left minicamp before practice began, which McDermott later said was an excused absence.

Bills quarterback Josh Allen added after the first practice they were working through some things, but that he loves Diggs and they will be fine. Diggs was back at minicamp for day two, before the final day was cancelled, which is normal for the Bills to do.

The relationship between Stefon Diggs and the Bills (Allen, McDermott, Ken Dorsey) was all the rage in the media, and Allen said that it was overblown.

In an interview with Bussin' with the Boys podcast, Allen says that the media blew the Diggs story "so far out of proportion."

Allen added.

"Media blew it up; they're still talking about it, just let it go. There's no reason to still be talking about it," said Allen.

It's understandable where Allen is coming from. It has to be frustrating to have this be a storyline for the team...but when McDermott said "very concerned," and Diggs leaving minicamp (excused), that of course will cause the media to pick it apart. Allen and Diggs are too important to the team to not have that be a topic of conversation, especially in June and July.

Allen's comments will only cause more conversation regarding the Diggs saga...

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