Who are the most influential people in the NFL?  I'm not talking about just players here.  One columnist thinks that Josh Allen fits that bill.

Be honest, when Josh Allen was drafted, did you think he would get to the level that he is at these days?  All the power rankings and acclaim have come from people outside Buffalo.  He certainly had his fair share of doubters.  There were tons of people who were calling for Brandon Beane's job the day they chose Allen.

Now, he's getting called one of the most influential people in the NFL. Again, that's not a list of influential players (even though a large number of the people are players).

The list comes from NBC's Peter King. It includes in his words, "eight players, six people from the league office, two coaches, a media guru, a media kingmaker, and four owners."  Allen was just one of the eight players and he came in at #7 on his list.

Here's part of the reasoning behind his choice:

"Allen’s here because he’s the quarterback on the best team in the league entering the season. The best test of a quarterback’s influence on a franchise is the TV schedule. In Allen’s rookie year, 2018, the moribund Bills played 15 games at 1 p.m. Sunday and one Monday night game. In Allen’s fifth year, 2022, the Bills have been booked for the season-opener at the Super Bowl champion Rams, two Monday night games, one Amazon Thursday game, a Thanksgiving Day game, a CBS doubleheader gem at Kansas City, and one of the best games on this year’s schedule: Green Bay at Buffalo, Sunday night, Week 8." - Peter King

It's hard to argue that he isn't one of the biggest stars of the league.  He shines the brightest when lights are on him and this year he has a bunch pointed his way.

King also mentioned how he was out front to represent the team during the Buffalo shooting a few weeks ago.

It's exciting to hear all this praise for your quarterback.  But when you talk to anyone outside of Buffalo, they'll say, "But what has he done?  What has he won?"

That's what this year is going to be all about.  The pressure is on for Allen.  Time to bring home that trophy.

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