When the 2028 Olympics come around, you might see Buffalo Bills qb Josh Allen participating.

Of all the great summer and winter games that athletes compete in, there is no American football. Baseball, basketball and even soccer are all part of the games and have featured the top professional and amateur talent and athletes from around the world. So it isn't too far of a stretch to think that football could do the same.

True, the sport in the Olympic games may be flag football. But that may be a benefit to the players and owners who have to make sure that the players are kept safe.

How cool would it be to see Josh Allen lead Team USA at the Olympics? He has the all-American appeal and would be a perfect ambassador and leader for the team!

The Buffalo Bills have been the talk of New York and the NFL recently as plans for a new stadium have come together. The new stadium will be built in Orchard Park across from the current stadium and will come with a price tag of over $1 billion! There are some critics of the new build because of the price and the tax money that will help fund the new stadium. The Buffalo Bills are good for the region and for the state but there are some who say that the money could be put to better use.

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