It was not the easiest AFC Championship game to watch for Buffalo Bills fans. It was downright brutal, in fact, especially after the way the AFC Divisional Round game ended last Sunday in Arrowhead Stadium against the Chiefs.

I know that I had a hard time watching most of the game, particularly that first half.

The Bills lost 42-36 in overtime and seemingly had won the game after two amazing Josh Allen-led drives, but gave up a game-tying field goal with 13 seconds left. Kansas City won the game in overtime after winning the coin toss.

NFL overtime rules state that a team must get one possession, except if the team who possesses the ball first scores a touchdown.

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That rule bit the Bills last week, as Allen did not get a chance to get the ball back, but it backfired on the Chiefs in the AFC title game, as Mahomes threw an interception on the third play of overtime and the Bengals won it with a field goal on the next drive.

After the Chiefs won the coin toss in overtime once again, Josh Allen had a tweet that summed up every single Bills fan's feeling.


Josh's tweet has 270,000 likes and 60,000 retweets in less than 30 minutes. That's UNHEARD of.

It just goes to show how many people were watching the NFL playoffs and just how clued in everyone was with what happened to the Bills.

Buffalo is happy for the Bengals and their fans, but it also leads to the question of what might have been? Mahomes played bad in the second half...

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