The Buffalo Bills have almost been at training camp for two weeks now and it's hard to believe that the first preseason game is coming up this upcoming Friday night against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field.

The Bills have gotten through training camp mostly uninjured thus far, although starting linebacker Matt Milano left practice, according to WROC-TV's sports director, Thad Brown.

Fans were treated to a great time at Highmark Stadium this past Saturday, however, and one of the best things about an open practice is players interacting with fans and that was the case once again with Bills starting quarterback Josh Allen.

Reporters Jon Scott (Spectrum News Buffalo) and Thad Brown (WROC-TV) caught a video of Allen playing catch with mostly kids at Highmark Stadium before practice began.

Surely, this made a lot of these kids' day and will b a memory they have forever.

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That is so awesome and as Jon Scott of Spectrum News noted, this was less than 24 hours after Allen signed that massive six-year, $258 million extension.

This reminds me of a story that Allen mentioned to the media in December of last year.

Allen was a kid at a San Fransisco Giants baseball game and as he was waiting for autographs, a Giants player (who remained nameless), turned his cap sideways and walked by Allen and the rest of the kids looking for an autograph.

Allen vowed that if he was ever in a position like a professional sports athlete one day that he would always take time to acknowledge every kid that looked up to him, and that has been proven in Buffalo.

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